Simple and Rugged, The Diamondback is a backcountry weapon that brings you and your gear to the fun.  The Diamondback, named for the diamond-plate vinyl of its flooring, is a stand alone conversion but is also set up for the installation of the Beartooth Vanworks Modular System making adding a kitchen galley & more storage a cinch.  The Diamondback premise is a Rugged flexibility in space, living & storage. Overhead shelves, wheel boxes and a bed system keep the van light and nimble and ready to be loaded with your choice of gear.  Diamond-plate vinyl floors and accents gives this van a rugged and clean feel while our Signature Wood provides the elegant touch. Keep it simple and travel light with The Diamondback.
(The pictured vehicle is a Diamondback Custom with an additional three person bench seating, water system, and galley added to the standard configuration)

Basics for all vans
    •    Sound and Heat Insulation 
    •    Fabric Panels
    •    Marine Ply Flooring 
    •    CRL Opening Front Driver-Side Window 
    •    Blackout Curtains 
    •    Roof Fan 
    •    Signature Wood Accents - Maple is standard, but oak, mahogany, and cherry are available  

    •    Electrical System Including: Solar Panels, Battery Separator, AGM Battery, Overhead Lights, 12v, 110v & USB outlets



Diamondback Conversion for all BTV Vans
    •    Platform Bed System
    •    4' Overhead Shelves w/ Mac-Trac Connectors 
    •    Two Wheel Well Boxes w/ Tool Storage
    •    Structural Reinforcements for BTV Modular System
    •    Diamondplate Vinyl Flooring and Lower Walls