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DIY Van Life Components for your van conversion

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Long Wheel Box 

● Cover for rear wheel box of sprinter van
● Removable top for added storage
● 73 inches long


Short Wheel Box 

● Wheel cover for rear sprinter van wheels
● Removable top for extra storage
● 44 inches long


3' Overhead Shelf 

● Aluminium exo construction with maple and kingboard accents
● Mac-Track connections


4' Overhead Shelf  

● Aluminium endo construction with oak and kingboard accents
● Mac-Track connections



5' Overhead Shelf  

● Aluminium exo construction with mahogany and kingboard accents
● Mac-Track Connections


2' Cabinet with Port-a-Potty and Cooler 

● Endo aluminium construction with kingboard and wood accents
● Cabinet for cooler
● Cabinet for Porta Potty
● 4 cupholders on top



2' Galley with Sink 

● Endo aluminum construction with kingboard and wood accents
● Two five gallon water tanks - one fresh water one grey water
● Dometic folding sink with foot pump water pressure
● Built in cup holders and holding tray


Bunk Bed 

● Aluminium exo construction with upholstered sleeping pad 70”x 23”
● Mattress pad
● Foldable for increased storage space
● Mac-Track connections



Ski Rack 

● Aluminum construction
● 3 levels of racks 
● Removeable design 
● Mac-Track connections


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