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Custom van conversion by Beartooth Vanworks




Take a look at our past work and where we can take your van life ideas! 


Orange Sunshine


Inspired by the van movement of the 70s and counterculture uprising of the 60's take a trip with Orange Sunshine 



The Beartooth Cabin


A take on our flagship model, this Ram Promaster conversion has all the essentials for a perfect off grid adventure van



6 Seater Off-Grid Diamondback


Built for every adventure under the Big Sky, this custom Diamondback can haul the whole family, or can be fit for two to head into the great unknown



KTM Diamondback


A mix between our Diamondback and Road's End model comes in the form of this beautiful toy hauler




BlackStone Products Griddle More Van 


Tasked with creating a show van for Blackstone Products array of griddles and grills, we built a road warrior van to get them from trade show to trade show. Complete with refrigerator and freezer to store all their trade show food needs, and a hot water system to keep things sanitized wherever they go. 



Mountain to Coast Diamondback


Splitting time between the coast and the mountains this customer wanted a van that could house his mountain bikes, skis, fly rods, and the family. On top of that we needed to work in cooking and food prep solutions



Family Cruiser


This particular customer needed a creative solution to taking the whole family to the mountain. When they said full family, they meant all 8 of them



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